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ESBWA's Submission to the Inquiry into the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill 2023


In our submission to the inquiry into the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill, Entrepreneurial & Small Business Women Australia (ESBWA) says any attempt to change the definition of an independent contractor to ensure more workers are treated like employees could negatively impact the 1.1 million people who are currently working as independent contractors as well as the small businesses that contract to them.

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ESBWA's Submission to the Review of the implementation of the 1 July 2022 changes to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules


The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman is examining the impact of the implementation of the 1 July 2022 changes to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules on small and family businesses.

ESBWA has made a submission to the ASBFEO inquiry, calling on the government to take steps to further improve procurement processes to better support female-led SMEs.

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Australia's small business owners need more support


Many of Australia's small business owners are currently locked in a battle with their mental health.

An article written by ESBWA CEO Amanda Rose, published in The Canberra Times, brought to light the silent struggles of small business owners.

  • Small business owners aren’t immune to the anxieties of the current economic climate.
  • Misconceptions about the stability or financial status of small business owners fail to recognise the hard work behind the success.
  • The risk and sacrifice required to run a small business is often downplayed.

In these challenging times, small business owners need their community to back them. They also need a supportive network of fellow entrepreneurs - a tribe of like-minded individuals who understand the unique struggles they face.

It's high time we shed light on the silent struggles of Australian small business owners and give them the support they deserve. We must recognise their immense contributions to our economy, applaud their resilience, and extend a helping hand.

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Could the four-day work week do more harm than good for Australian small businesses?


ESBWA CEO, Amanda Rose, in her opinion piece on SmartCompany, highlighted the concerns of small business owners and called on decision-makers to carefully consider the full implications that such a work model could bring.

  • Smaller businesses may struggle to sustain their operations under this system, potentially leading to reduced productivity, delayed outcomes, and financial strain.
  • If larger enterprises offer a shorter work week for the same pay and benefits, attracting skilled workers to small businesses would become increasingly challenging.
  • Increased burden will be placed on small business owners who are already working long hours under immense pressure

Policymakers, business leaders, and employees must engage in thoughtful dialogue to identify solutions that can preserve the vitality of small businesses while promoting a healthy work-life balance for all employees. Most importantly, the concerns of small businesses must be addressed in order to preserve their valuable contributions to the economy and community.

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'We're not starting at zero. Women start at minus 1000'


ESBWA CEO, Amanda Rose, has been featured in The Australian Financial Review, commenting on the 10-year plan developed by the Business Council of Australia for female entrepreneurs to get access to government-backed venture capital.

After a decade of advocating for extra support for female small business founders Amanda is “thrilled someone is finally listening”.

“It’s not an equal playing field here, Women are out there hustling, but we’re not starting at zero. Women start at minus 1000 and then when they succeed, people forget that she came from behind because people didn’t take her seriously.”

“Failure happens across the board, but with women, there is a perception that ‘you don’t have the resilience or you don’t have the idea or you’re not going to put in the effort’.”

ESBWA supports the plan and recognises that new procurement policies for government and businesses are needed to boost purchasing from female-led start-ups.

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