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How to sell when you hate selling


Written by Amanda Rose

We all know someone who's a natural born salesperson. They can engage a prospect, they can escort them down the sales funnel, they can close every deal — they could sell ice to the Inuit.

If you compare yourself to them you will immediately question your ability to sell as effectively. Don’t.

If you let this get under your skin it, could be the one reason why your business or department isn't as successful — or worse yet, fails.

Selling may be easier for some than others but there are strategies you can implement over time to perfect your selling skill set.

1. Know your stuff

That's right, never sell anything you don't understand. The second you hesitate, you lose all credibility — and it's very hard to get that back once lost

2. Don't sell… educate

Explain the benefits of what you have yo offer and even solve a few problems straight away (or provide a sample) so people are learning and experiencing the product or service.

3. Attitude and delivery

Regardless of your ability to sell, how you treat someone — and your attitude in general — will resonate if you are genuinely personable, pleasant and positive.

4. Look at your inner circle

People often overlook those already in their network. This includes business colleagues, friends and family. It's a lot easier to sell (educate) those you already have a pre-existing relationship with than to a stranger.

5. Identify your strengths and talents

If you struggle to work out what they are, ask the people around you. Then learn to leverage off those factors. For example if you're a good listener, then learn to ask questions and listen to answers. Selling is about building a mutual, respectful relationship; and like all long term relationships, the ability to listen is very powerful.

6. Go online

A great way to sell when you're not too comfortable doing so in person is to go online. Use your social platforms to educate and communicate about who you are and what you do. It's a win-win as it will establish you as a on authority in your area at the same time as building your online presence.

7. Observe others

Are there people who you admire for how they do what they do? Observe them. Take notes. Then try it out yourself. The same strategy works in reverse for people whose selling methods you don’t admire or respect. Again, observe and learn how not to do it. Don’t be that person.

8. Get some training

There is no shame in getting help to strengthen your ‘sales muscles’. But when selecting someone to help you or your team build up their skill set, make sure you are comfortable with their methods. Personality and experience of the trainer or coach are very important when it comes to all sales training — and it is especially crucial for someone who is being trained in something they are not comfortable doing!

A final tip. Don’t see selling as selling. See it as providing a product or service to somebody or a business that is in need of what you have to offer. Simple.